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PCA (Public Certified Accountants)

PCA course  is really  posses , Audit Technician by using the MIS concepts  which has been designed to meet the full requirements for being well accounting manager level with MIS concepts. The course has been constructed in to three categories which you can start at the beginning and work your way through more complex materials.You can be sured that the course you take, has been systematically palnned by experts to suit your needs. You choose the course which will give you the best oppertunity of achieving your carrer objects. If you are undecided as to which course is the best suted  to your career needs, you are welcome to seek the advice of our careers advisory sevices which is available without charge, so if you wish to take advantages of it. write to us giving details of your age , education, occupation and any other information relevant to your career objects 

  1. Manual Account with Company Audit-30 Hrs
  2. Project on Trading business & financial institutions's Transactions-30 Hrs


  1. Tally with company Audit concepts-30 hrs.
  2. Ex(Tata) Gext generation with BRS concepts & E-Pumori -30 hrs.
  3.  Cooperative accounting system with Nepali version -30 hrs.
  4. Billing manager with trading business data entry -30 hrs
  5. School/colege/Medical college with real project- 30 hrs.

Ater finishing all these courses  they must be in internship in banks, trading houses,school/colleges or in any financial institutions for at lest 3 months.